Air Conditioner Service in Martinsville NJ

In need of a fast air conditioner service in Martinsville NJ? We service, install and repair all brands of air conditioners, coils, and condensers. Our technicians have years of experience and are kept up to date with training and continuing education seminars. Above all, we know you don’t want to be without air on a hot summer day. Our service department responds quickly to customers’ needs and we aim to get your air conditioner fixed as quickly as possible. Unlike other companies who may try to upsell or convince customers to purchase a whole new system, we aim to fix it first–fast and economically. Common problems are:
  • No air
  • Intermittent air
  • Warm air
  • Fan won’t go on
  • Over-cycling (running too long)
  • Blower continually running
  • Noisy
If you are experiencing a problem, call the office at (732) 238-9300 for fast service. It would be helpful for you to review the following:

Air Conditioner Checklist

  • Check your circuit breakers. Reset the air conditioner breaker if it has been tripped or you are unsure if it has. The air conditioner may still run but blow warm air.
  • Check thermostat batteries.
  • Replace air filter(s) if needed.
  • Check fuses.
  • If system is frozen: place the thermostat’s fan to the “on” position and the cool to “off” to allow the coils to completely thaw. after checking some or all of the potential problems, you can try to run the air conditioner again. If it is still freezing or not blowing well, there could be a refrigerant leak, which requires service.
  • Check to see nothing is blocking a vent or vents if system freezes.
  • Keep outdoor units clean and free from debris.
  • Check drains and hoses for clogs.
  • Replace any hoses that are beginning to crack or show signs of wear.

When to Call a Professional

  • If a blower stops working.
  • If a refrigerant leak is detected.
  • Compressor problems such as loud vibrating noises or the blower quits running.
If you’re still experiencing a problem, call the office at (732) 238-9300 for fast service, contact us to schedule a Quote or a Cooling Service Call.