Oil to Gas Conversions

Yes, your trusted Air Conditioning and Heating Company would love to help you save money this winter and the dozens of winters after that.  We are a NJ Licensed Plumbing Contractor  (#5217), unlike many other HVAC contractors in your area and value our long-standing reputation. Stop paying the high prices for oil and enjoy a high-efficency gas unit. Look at the facts:


Additional Motivation: 

  • 10-year part and 20 -year heat exchanger warranty.
  • Manufacturers Rebates may apply based on the system you choose.
  • For NJN customers there is a $900 rebate if you call for a free energy audit on a 95% efficient furnace, installed by a licensed contractor. Plus, an Additional $300 NJN rebate on the furnace.

Call or email us today to get a Quote on an Oil to Gas Conversion. You will be happy you did!