Fall Energy Saving Tips

Crisp, sunny days and clear, cool nights provide the perfect opportunity to open your windows and enjoy the weather (and the energy savings). Here’s how to keep those energy savings going all season long:


Schedule a Furnace Tune Up - A well-maintained system will save you money by operating more efficiently and reducing the likelihood of a costly breakdown - at the most unfortunate time!


Turn your heat down - When you are not home and when you are asleep. A programmable thermostat is a perfect way to save on your energy bill. Click here for our Special!


Take advantage of "free" sun - Open south-facing window curtains to let the sun naturally heat the room. Close at night to reduce the chill.


Rearrange your furniture - Move your sofa and chairs near interior walls, so they’re out of the drafts that can come in through exterior walls and windows.


Change Light Bulbs - Replace the five most frequently used lights with compact fluorescent bulbs (CFLs) which produce less heat and wast less energy.


Cover drafty windows


Find and seal air leaks


Reduce heat loss from your fireplace - keep damper closed when not in use


Take a Service Agreement - For full-time coverage and seasonal tune ups combined.