I have been using Alpine for over 20 years. It is the only company my late husband would use. They are the most friendly and caring people I have ever dealt with right after my husband past away 2 years ago when my water heater broke. I called first thing in the morning and the poor woman on the other end could hear the panic and sadness in my voice. She said to me that she promises to have someone come within the hour. One hour later they were at my door and within 2 hours there was a brand new water heating in my house!!! Five days ago my sump pump stopped working in a massive rain storm of a day. To top it off my daughter was getting married and I had to leave the house at a certain time. There was literally a 2 hour time limit that I would be home. AGAIN, after hearing my story in 1 hour and 30 minutes I had a new sump pump! The bosses reason to me was he could not have my house flooded knowing I was going to be away for the weekend! In this day and age what business does this??? ALPINE! There techs are the sweetest, most professional and caring as well! DO NOT waste your time with any other company!! ALPINE IS TRULY WONDERFUL!! Thank you Alpine for everything!!!