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Alpine Refrigeration Co – 220 Customer Reviews – SOUTH RIVER, NJ

The Best Service, Products, and People – My attic central heating/air conditioning unit failed after about 15 years of flawless service. I had a contract with PSE&G that I paid for every month for over a decade. When they came and saw the unit was in the attic, they told me they would not work on it…I called Alpine, and was immediately treated like part of their family. They came, checked out the situation and went back to talk about it with their team. The owner then came and reviewed what they had learned and he suggested a few different approaches after asking me what was important to me. By the next day the old unit was removed and replaced. The Alpine folks left their work area clean and neat. That night, we needed heat. It worked like a charm. Today, we are all surprised with a 79 degree day. The A/C came on and worked better than the old one ever did. The Alpine team, the equipment, and their professional service have totally blown me away. They have far exceeded my wildest expectations. You cannot go wrong with Alpine, especially if you listen to their advice and do what they suggest.

Over all service was great! On time, very clean. Answered all my questions and removed the old furnace off property. Just Great! Would recommend Alpine anytime.

William C., Basking Ridge, NJ

Everything went perfectly from start to finish. On my initial contact with Alpine, I spoke with one of the owners immediately. An appointment for an estimate was made. There was no high-pressure sales pitch, just the facts and information we needed to decide what our best options would be. The day the equipment was to be installed, they arrived promptly and set to removing the old equipment. They had to return the following day to complete the installation (they said it would take two days originally). By noontime, all systems had been checked and were working perfectly. It was 90 degrees that day and the AC worked without a flaw. All work was done in a professional, neat and orderly fashion. We’ve been in the building trades for 23 years and have used Alpine in the past on other projects but never on our own home. They are always reliable, professional and proficient. Thank you, Alpine.

Robert H., Monroe Township

I was very impressed with the competence, professionalism and thoroughness of Brian, the technician. Beyond his sheer ability to perform the work, I was pleasantly struck by his willingness to answer questions and inform me as a homeowner, and more than that, by his initiative to not just stop at fixing a broken valve but to work through all the steps necessary to ensure that heat was being delivered to where it was supposed to go.

N Li, Metuchen, NJ

New heating & A/C installed, new vent installed, new thermostat installed, old heat & A/C removed. On time courteous, extremely knowledgeable, good price.

Joy M., East Brunswick

Alpine showed up well within the time window they gave me. I was very appreciative that they found the problem and fixed it instead of telling me I had to spend zillions for a new unit like other said. I was also pleased they went a little further and corrected some basic issues that I didn’t realize were problematic – like lifting the boards and replacing the filter. I will definitely use them again.

Leslie K., North Brunswick

Gave the most reasonable estimate of all the others we consulted, and came up with original ideas on how to run new ducts around old ducts for maximum heating efficiency. Highly recommended.

Been using them for years & better than ever! I have used this company for years. (Probably over 10 years.) I find them to be reliable and reasonable in their pricing. I just had my Central ac replaced. Excellent work. Fast and right on schedule. May not be the cheapest guy in town (and not the most expensive either) but I trust them.

Great dealer! Great product and great experience! Will do business again. Please don’t hesitate to use me as a reference. This is the only dealer (we spoke to 10) that is willing to re-engineer my return duct for noise abatement. Many others simply claim the new units are much quieter, discounting the fact my return duct has a design flaw that will remain noisy even if I use the quietest furnace. One of them even said I should get a new house!

Bryan C.

Alpine was just great…we were so disappointed with the other companies we called on to give estimates, we almost decided not to do the job. Then Alpine called, gave us a fair estimate, did the job in 3 days, were very professional but also personable. I would highly recommend them!

Jeff G.

Wonderful experience.

Hasu S.

As highly rated as Alpine came, they far exceeded my extremely high expectations.

Eli P.

Other Reviews:

I have been doing business with this dealer for almost 40 years and they are very responsible.

Ed B., East Brunswick

Good service and very quick.

Connie C., Milltown

Alpine did a wonderful & complete job.

Dara D., East Brunswick

Great job! Great products! A/C, Furnace and Air Cleaner. I have high expectations and know I’ll be very happy with this upgrade.

Harold E., Manalapan