Winter Storm Tips

Hit the supermarket, stock up on water, batteries and provisions! Check! Here are some winter storm tips for your home, furnace and generator for cold, stormy days.

Clear Snow Covered Pipes―if we you have a high-efficiency furnace with PVC piping outside, be sure the openings are not covered in snow.

Clear exhaust area of snow and have oil/fuel on hand―if you have a generator. It is important to check the oil every 12-24 hours of generator run time.

Reset your furnace―before calling for service if it stops working. Shut it down for 30 seconds with the Emergency Switch. Sometimes it just requires a restart.

Change the Batteries―annually in your thermostat, smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors.

Charge Portable Devices―in the event of a power outage so you can still use your phone, tablet, computer.

Service your Heating and Cooling Equipment―a seasonal tune-up can improve efficiency and comfort, and prevent costly breakdowns in the future. Alpine offers tune-ups and Service Contracts to keep your equipment running smoothly.

Check your Generator―make sure the generator status is ready to go (green light, ready message) before the storm hits. Have 5W30 oil on hand and remember to check and add oil after 20 hours of continuous use.