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Air conditioners, furnaces and boilers are expensive appliances. To keep them running their best, and prevent catastrophic, costly repairs, maintenance is key. Contract customers receive priority service, discounts on repairs and special offers. Unlike other companies, Alpine Contracts include seasonal maintenance.

2 Levels of Coverage

Preventative Plus 

Recommended for those seeking seasonal maintenance, priority service AND additional Labor protection in the event of a repair. Parts discounted at 15%.

Preventative Basic 

Recommended for those seeking seasonal maintenance and priority service. Parts and labor on repairs discounted at 15%.

Benefits of an Alpine Service Contract

  • Routine maintenance can save up to 20% on utility bills and will reduce likelihood of costly repairs.
  • Our technicians maintain your equipment, its performance and history. We know when and what components need lubrication and cleaning, and can identify components that may be in need of replacement.
  • Most Manufacturers require seasonal maintenance to uphold their warrantees.
  • We offer more than other companies. You may have to worry with your Utility Company’s “Worry-Free” plan. If you read the fine print, they do not provide for gas emergency service, offer priority service, provide regular maintenance, offer a guaranteed response time or perform annual inspections. We do! In addition, their prices are much higher for HVAC repair and placement. They are best for appliances like refrigerators, washers, and dryers.

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