Complete & Preventative Contracts

There are several kinds of Service Contracts since all of our customers have different needs. Complete & Preventative Contracts are for units that are 2 to 5+ years old.

Complete Coverage

Recommended for units over 5 years old, to keep equipment running smoothly with total coverage in the event of a breakdown.

Includes: Pre-Season Tune-Ups, Emergency Service, Parts and Labor with minor exceptions.

Preventative Coverage

Recommended for those whose equipment is under 5 years old but want to get their units ready for the upcoming season and keep them running smoothly for the long term.

Includes: Pre-Season Tune-Ups, Discounted Labor (15% off) and Service Parts (15% off).

Complete & Preventative Contracts cover several facets of your system. It’s important to upkeep some of the most expensive equipment in your house by some of the most knowledgeable technicians. This can prevent catastrophic, costly repairs in the future.


All prices below do not include tax.