Service Contracts

Your air conditioner and furnace are two of the most expensive appliances in your home. Just as you take your car for a tune-up and oil change, your system should be checked to keep it working at its best. Service Contracts ensure protection over your equipment.

Why Take an Alpine Service Contract?

  • Routine maintenance can save up to 20% on utility bills and enhances equipment life expectancy.
  • Our technicians maintain your equipment and its performance. We know when and what components need lubrication and cleaning, and can identify components that may be in need of replacement.
  • Minor repairs and adjustments can prevent catastrophic failures that could require premature equipment replacements.
  • A Service Contract ensures accurate records of service, repair for better equipment management and warranty protection. Most major brands require annual maintenance performed by a licensed contractor in order to maintain manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Be careful when you read the fine print of many utility companies’ “Worry-Free” coverage. They do not provide gas emergency service, priority service or regular maintenance. They also do not offer a guaranteed response time or annual inspections–all of which Alpine does!
Three Levels to Serve You Better

Alpine offers 3 types of Service Contracts. This is to serve your equipment, needs and budget. ALL offer Preseason Inspections and accurate records of service and repair. A well-maintained system will give you better efficiency. A Service Contract offers you priority coverage on the HOT and COLD days, should your equipment fail.

Other Offerings

Generator Maintenance Plan

You made the effort to protect your home and your family in the event of a power outage. Because your generator is a complex machine, it should be serviced at least twice per year. Bi-annual maintenance will ensure your generator will be ready when you need it. A Generator Maintenance Contract provides one full service Tune-Up, complete with oil change, spark plug and air filter changes as well as 6-month checks of all important components.

Alpine Protection Program

With a new furnace or air conditioner installation, we add the Alpine Protection Program. This includes bi-annual Tune-Ups, filter changes and an extended labor warranty of 5 years. It’s the perfect addition to new equipment, to keep it running its best.

Preventative PLUS (Warranty Expiration Plan)

Our installations usually come with a 2 year labor warranty. Once that expires, we recommend the Preventative Plus Plan.  This extends the labor coverage each year and provides a furnace and air conditioner Tune-Up.

Service Contract Details and Forms

Please note, prices have changed effective 9/1/20 and forms below have not yet been updated. Please call our office or see online enrollment form for current pricing.

Complete Plan Details
Complete and Preventative Form
Preventative PLUS and BASIC Plan Details
Preventative PLUS and BASIC Form
Generator Maintenance Details
Pre Season Tune-Up Checklists