Alpine is dedicated to your upmost satisfaction. Our staff team members are here for any question or concern you may have. Let us introduce ourselves.

Arthur Staloff

Arthur grew up in a family business of sheet metal fabrication and walk-in refrigeration service and installation. He enjoyed learning about how things worked, problem solving, and the outdoors. After graduating from New Jersey Institute of Technology where he studied Electrical Engineering, Arthur worked for ITT Kellogg on military communication systems; later, RCA Advanced Technology group designing spacecraft control systems.

Building upon his interests, Arthur started Alpine out of his garage in 1972. Today the company has grown to an 11,000 square foot shop, 19 vehicles, almost a dozen employees and thousands of satisfied customers.

Robin Staloff Locker

Robin grew up around Alpine. She worked here throughout high school and college, during the busy summer and winter months. After graduating from Rutgers College with a degree in Business Management, Robin worked in operations and marketing in the Financial Services Industry. She went from Wall Street to Park Avenue and later ran her own marketing consulting company. Her proudest accomplishments are her 3 sons, Ethan, Brett, and Jonathan. Later in 2010, Robin returned to Alpine and now handles marketing and special projects.

Lisa Chen

Lisa has been with Alpine for over 15 years. She has a background in astronomy and accounting. Because she is a real numbers whiz, it’s effortless for her to keep the books and bills in perfect order. Lisa grew up in Shanghai, China and moved to the US in 1991. Bilingual, Lisa teaches Chinese in her spare time.


Natalia has been with Alpine for a few years, is a jack of all trades and works behind the scenes. Having a very tech-savvy background, she works on a lot of computer related projects. In her free time, she develops video games. She is an artist since a very young age and also knows how to code in a few programming languages. On the left is an example of her artwork (click to enlarge).