Utility Rebates

NJ WARMAdvantage and COOLAdvantage Programs

The WARMAdvantage and COOLAdvantage Programs provide utility rebates for high efficiency home systems. These systems include heating systems, cooling systems and water heaters. To be eligible, you must purchase, install and operate a a system that meets all applicable efficiency requirements.

Funding is limited and soon will be exhausted for oil, propane and municipal electric customers who wish to participate in the NJ Advantage Programs. The charts below are for systems purchased on or after July 1, 2019 through June 30, 2020. View the full Eligible Measures and Required Documents List.

ENERGY STAR qualified products must be listed at energystar.gov.

WARMAdvantage for new Heating Equipment

All SLP98 Furnaces: $500/EL195 & EL296V Furnaces: $250

COOLAdvantage for new Air Conditioner & Heat Pump Equipment

18+ SEER: $500/16 SEER: $300/14ACX, SL18XC1 & XC21 Condensers qualify