Alan Bloom

One day last week I heard a strange noise coming from my heating unit that was installed by Alpine about 5 years ago. I called Alpine and told them about the noise. They said, “No problem Mr. Bloom. I can send a technician over in a couple of hours. Will you be there?” I said, “A couple of hours the same day! Oh, that’s great. Yes I will be here.”
John the technician arrived with his tool bag and a box. “What’s in the box,” I asked. “This is the part to fix what is wrong,” he replied. He then went up into the attic where the heating unit is located, changed the part, packed up, cleaned up, and presented me with the bill for just the hour he was here, no charge for the part. It was still under warranty from Lennox.
I have been dealing with Alpine for over 20 years. I’m always treated with respect and prompt service. I am in the process of signing up for one of their service plans. I recommend Alpine Refrigeration to everyone.
Alan Bloom, East Brunswick