Magdy Mekhaeil

I have been a customer with Alpine for many years. They installed a furnace and an air conditione unit on separate occasions in the same house. Less than two years later I called because the AC was not working, they give me an appointment two days later and I was under the impression that parts and labor are under warranty. The services man came and discover a wire contacted to the compressor to the house has damage. It took him les than 3 minutes to reconnect the wire and replace the filter. He represent me a bill for $107… for being there for few minutes. I was not happy with the charges that was presented. I called the office to discuss the charge and spoke to someone name Robin and she was not friendly at all over the phone. Because of there very expensive prices and Robin’s attitude I will not do anymore businesses with Alpine. I will advice everyone I know not to use Alpine Heating & Cooling company anymore.